Bicycle Accident Attorney in New York

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing more enjoyable than riding a bike. Some people like to commute to work or just travel around using their bike. In these situations, they will be sharing the road with vehicles. Not all roads provide safe travel for bike riders. There are also drivers who don’t think about the safety of bike riders when going down the road. This can lead to dangerous situations. Bike accidents can result in serious as well as fatal injuries. The liability for this type of accident is determined by who was negligent. Was the driver of the vehicle at fault because they didn’t provide adequate space for the bike rider? Did the bike rider do something that caused or contributed to the accident? Was the condition of the road a factor? A bicycle accident attorney can conduct a detailed investigation to determine liability in an accident involving a bike and vehicle.


A driver and bike rider are both required to follow the rules of the road. Traffic laws must be obeyed whether driving a vehicle or riding a bicycle. They are each obligated to show care when it comes to their safety and that of others using the roadway. A bicycle accident attorney will know what laws apply during an accident. This will include all state and local traffic laws.


The majority of lawsuits involving bicycle riders and vehicles are able to be settled out of court. The driver’s insurance company will make a settlement offer based on the degree they believe the bicycle rider was negligent. A bicycle accident attorney will know how to show a driver’s negligence. They will not accept an offer that does not take this into consideration. Making this type of determination is complicated. It requires an attorney’s legal knowledge and experience.


When an accident happens between a vehicle and bicycle rider, it’s important to have the police respond. They will be able to provide an important official report about what happened. It is also important a bicycle rider be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible. What appears to be a minor injury can actually turn out to be a serious and life-threatening condition. The bicycle rider should not attempt to discuss the accident with the driver. It’s important they obtain the driver’s identity, insurance provider and determine who owns the vehicle. The next step is to contact a bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible.


The accident scene will be carefully investigated. Photographs will be taken and any skid marks will be measured. Witnesses will also be interviewed. An accident scene diagram will be created. It’s important to not immediately repair the bicycle or any other equipment. They should all be kept in the same condition they were just after the accident. The bicycle and any other damaged equipment should be photographed. It is also important for a bicycle rider to not speak with the driver’s insurance company. They are busy gathering information to help defend the driver. A bicycle accident attorney should be the only person to speak with the driver’s insurance company. They will be able to protect a bicycle riders rights and get them the best possible legal result.