Birth Injury Lawyer in New York

Childbirth is usually a very joyful time for families who can think of nothing else but a perfectly healthy baby at the end of labor and delivery. It always comes as an absolute shock to parents, family members, and other caregivers when something goes wrong in this situation, and in turn, a mother or baby sustain an injury or illness during the birthing process. A birth injury lawyer is able to handle cases on behalf of children, women, and their families whose lives are forever altered.

It is estimated that around 7 in every 1,000 childbirths has a birth injury happen. This is already not an easy time for women and their friends and family there to support her. The travesty of a sudden birth injury can require quite a few resources, and no one is going to understand this troubling time more than a birth injury lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice lawsuits involving injuries sustained at birth. The birth injury lawyer will be able to determine between routine childbirth complications and situations involving a serious breach of the standard of care that is governed by the law.

In order to prove that a birth injury is indeed a result of medical malpractice, a birth injury lawyer will have a multitude of skilled medical professionals at their disposal to show that a medical institution or practitioner was indeed negligent when issuing care to a laboring mother and her baby. When a medical professional takes on the care of a patient, they are bound by law to have a duty to care for this person. The medical practitioner may breach this duty in a variety of neglectful ways that can result in an injury that then causes damages.

Compensation may be available for past, current, and future medical procedures, visits, medications, treatments, etc. Damages can also be rewarded for nonmedical costs such as special living arrangements, educational needs, or other bills that can arise. Pain and suffering resulting from both physical and emotional trauma will also be taken into account when damages are awarded during a lawsuit. A compassionate birth injury lawyer will make families feel safe and secure that the case is being handled in the best ways possible.

Contrary to popular public opinion, medical malpractice suits are not simply a get rich quick scheme for a birth injury lawyer. These types of lawsuits are a way to help keep medical professionals and institutions accountable to patients and their families. It helps hospitals and practitioners focus on the real problems and prevent medical errors from being made in the future. Costs can actually be held down when safety is made a top priority which is the main goal of any birth injury case.

Dealing with a birth injury can be a very devastating time for mothers and their families. It is important for families to know they are not alone and that there is legal help available if they so desire it.