Traffic Accident Lawyer

Being in an auto accident can be incredibly frightening and even dangerous. You’ll likely be shaken and disoriented. The situation is, even more, trying once you go to get contact information from the other driver only to find that they do not have any insurance. Keep in mind that this situation is more common than … Continue reading Traffic Accident Lawyer

How our competent car accident injury lawyer can help with your accident case

When you’re hit by a negligent driver, it can be physically and financially devastating. Sometimes, you’re left to pick up the pieces as you meet your medical expenses. However, you can hire our car accident injury lawyer to handle your case. We have the best motor accident lawyers in New York. Our lawyers have vast … Continue reading How our competent car accident injury lawyer can help with your accident case

Car Accident Liability

When a car accident is reported to the insurance company, the very first thing the insurer wants to determine is who was at fault for the accident. Because most states are considered At-Fault insurance states, determining fault will impact any compensation that is offered to the injured parties. At Fault Versus No-Fault States In a … Continue reading Car Accident Liability

Truck Accidents

Our section on truck accidents provides information that can be helpful if you or a loved one fall victim to an accident involving a semi or commercial truck. Truck drivers must adhere to more rigorous standards than regular drivers, and if an accident occurs, the driver or their employer may compensate you for injuries or … Continue reading Truck Accidents