Car Accident Liability

When a car accident is reported to the insurance company, the very first thing the insurer wants to determine is who was at fault for the accident. Because most states are considered At-Fault insurance states, determining fault will impact any compensation that is offered to the injured parties. At Fault Versus No-Fault States In a … Continue reading Car Accident Liability

Truck Accidents

Our section on truck accidents provides information that can be helpful if you or a loved one fall victim to an accident involving a semi or commercial truck. Truck drivers must adhere to more rigorous standards than regular drivers, and if an accident occurs, the driver or their employer may compensate you for injuries or … Continue reading Truck Accidents

Tragic Berkeley Balcony Collapse Leads To Injuries and Deaths

A balcony on an apartment building in Berkeley, California became the site of a tragic accident that resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. The building is just a short walk away from the University of California campus in Berkeley. Foreign students frequently rent a place in this building. It is actually famous for providing housing … Continue reading Tragic Berkeley Balcony Collapse Leads To Injuries and Deaths