An Introduction to Brain Injuries

Brain injury can encompass a variety of symptoms: from simple memory loss to the more serious personality changes, like Phineas Gauge’s injury. It could even include headaches, dizziness, and nausea. It can be caused by a concussion or even an object penetrating the skull. Due to how varied the treatment can be, some people have … Continue reading An Introduction to Brain Injuries

Pedestrian Accidents

While most people focus on traffic accidents that involve exclusively cars, pedestrians are also extremely endangered in many of today’s cities and towns. There are rules in most states about motorists being required to yield to those crossing the street. This, of course, is designed to protect defenseless walkers from the potentially fatal power of … Continue reading Pedestrian Accidents

Proving Fault in Accidents

Let’s face it. Accidents happen, and nobody’s perfect. However, when something unexpected occurs that leads to distress and financial ramifications, it’s only fair that the party that caused the situation takes responsibility. Unfortunately, all too often they don’t. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident such as a car crash … Continue reading Proving Fault in Accidents

Balcony Collapse in Berkeley Leads to Six Deaths and Seven Serious Injuries

A concrete balcony on the fourth floor of a Library Gardens apartment building crumbled and collapsed sending 13 people falling to the ground below in Berkeley, California. Of those that fell, six died at the scene of the collapse. The other seven people who fell sustained very serious injuries. The exact details of the injuries … Continue reading Balcony Collapse in Berkeley Leads to Six Deaths and Seven Serious Injuries