Documenting Expenses in Personal Injury Claims

How To Document Your Expenses When You File A Personal Injury Claim
After a serious auto accident, you have a long recovery ahead of you. You are also forced to scramble to find the necessary funds to pay for your medical bills and physical therapy. Meanwhile, you are losing wages every day you lie in a hospital bed instead of reporting to work. A personal injury attorney can help you get the settlement you need to pay your bills and recover your financial independence.

What Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

A personal injury attorney can help you organize all of the documentation you need to file your claim. They can help you prove to your insurance company that your injuries are legitimate. The investigation process will move far more quickly and efficiently in your favor once all of the necessary documents are present and accounted for.

There are a number of documents that are absolutely essential for you to file when you are filing a personal injury claim. These documents include:

Photographs Provide The Best Evidence

You should make sure to take plenty of photographs of the scene where the event took place. You should also document the condition of your vehicle following the crash, and any injuries that you or other individuals may have received as a result of the accident. Photo documentation will help the crime scene investigators piece together a realistic picture of what happened. It will also help you prove to a judge that you really did receive the injuries that are listed in your claim.

Keep A Medical Diary

You should immediately begin keeping a diary of all of the medical attention you receive for your injuries. This diary should include your doctor’s diagnosis of your injuries, the extent of the injuries, the amount of pain you are in day to day, and the various other symptoms and irritations that you may be experiencing. Update this diary on a daily basis to keep it as current and precisely detailed as possible.

Keep All Of Your Medical Paperwork

Make sure that you keep every scrap of paperwork, no matter how minor, that you receive from the hospital regarding your injury. This includes paperwork from every doctor, every nurse, every therapist, and all other medical personnel that have dealt with you in whatever capacity during your stay in the hospital. You never know if proving your case just might involve referring to one of these seemingly insignificant documents.

Hang On To All Of Your Medical Receipts And Bills

Hang on to all of your receipts and bills related to your medical treatment. These should include receipts for any surgeries or other medical procedures performed, insurance co-payments, medical equipment, visits from doctors, nurses, and physical therapists, medical prescriptions, and other related expenses.

Document All Of Your Travel Expenses

Keep a frequently updated record of all of the travel expenses you have racked up while keeping your medical and physical therapy appointments. These expenses can include the cost of fuel, any parts on your vehicle that require replacement due to the wear and tear of constant travel, and the cost of renting a motel room in case you need to travel out of town to get the medical attention you need.

Document All Of Your Lost Income

Keep a record of the income you have lost due to missing time from your job as a result of your injuries. This income loss documentation will be important when it comes to proving that you are now living on a substantially reduced income as compared to before your accident.

You’ll Need A Personal Injury Attorney To Win Your Case

If your case goes to court, you won’t be fighting the person who caused your injuries, but the insurance company that represents them. Their insurance company will come to court prepared to contest every bit of testimony and every piece of evidence that you offer. Their ultimate goal is to disprove your claims or to settle for the absolute lowest amount. This is why it is important to hire a personal injury attorney to represent your case. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can recover your financial security and peace of mind.