Meeting with an Injury Attorney

After sustaining an injury as a result of any type of accident, you will want to meet with an attorney in order to gain an understanding of your options. During the first meeting with an injury attorney following your accident, the lawyer will be interested in gathering as many of the facts as possible. One way that this will be accomplished is through a series of questions being posed to you throughout the consultation. Initial interviews tend to vary, based on the unique situations surrounding the accident that caused your injuries. Generally, car accidents are rather straightforward, meaning the initial consultation will not long. Additionally, the more prepared that you are when you arrive, the less time the initial consultation will take.

On the other hand, medical malpractice cases tend to be more complex in nature, meaning that the initial consultation will take longer, as the attorney will need this time to gain a lucid perspicacity of the case.

The General Dynamic of Legal Consultations

Remember, the attorney is looking to gain as much of an understanding about the case as possible, so they will ask you to explain, in your own words, what happen. As you progress through the process of explaining the situation, they will periodically stop you, in order to ask questions that will further elucidate the portrait they are trying to create. Some of the questions can be challenging or frustrating, but answering them is essential to preparing the attorney to build a solid case on your behalf.

Depending on the type of injury, your attorney will be looking to collect a variety of information associated with your case, which may include anyone who could be considered a potential witness, naming anyone else who was involved in the accident in question, your relationship to the respondent, etc.

Finally, the attorney will also want to ensure that you clear about what you can expect, so he or she will discuss the practical elements associated with your cases, such as their fees, the contract and any other additional costs you should expect moving forward.

What Can Be Expected

Following are some of the things you can expect during the initial consultation.

  • It is likely that the attorney will inquire about your insurance coverage.
  • The attorney will also want to know if you have been interviewed by someone else. If so, they will want to know by whom, as well as what was discussed.
  • It may be necessary for the attorney to have you sign a release form that will allow them to gain access to your medical records.
  • What you have discussed with an insurance adjuster will be relevant to the case, and an attorney will likely inquire about that as well.
  • In cases in which there are no evident or visible signs of injury, the attorney will like want to know what your current condition is.
  • In cases in which you have physical issues that have lingered, your attorney will most likely suggest that you visit a doctor prior to pursuing any legal claims. It is possible that the defendant in the case will suggest the fact that you have not visited the doctor or hospital is indicative of there being no serious injury
  • Depending on the level of complexity of your case, the attorney may ask for more time to evaluate the facts before agreeing to take the case
  • If the attorney is uncomfortable with the case, and they feel that an attorney that they are familiar with could do a better job, it is possible that you may be referred to another attorney.
  • You will be advised not to discuss the details of your case with anyone, and they will tell you to direct all of your questions back to them.
  • You will be advised on the methods that the attorney will use to keep you informed of the progress of your case. There is no universal method of communication, so, each attorney will have a method that works best for them.

The Importance of a Free Consultation

Lawsuits concerning accidents and injuries, as well as the laws that govern them, are immensely complicated. It involves interviewing witnesses, the gathering of evidence, and an exceptional knowledge of negligence and injury law. This is why it is important for the victim to contact an attorney that has the experience to effectively handle accident cases. They will help you make sense of the entire situation.