No Fault Accident Lawyer

No fault laws state that your own insurance company will be paying for the damages that result from a car accident. Insurers are not usually eager to pay out large benefits if you have been seriously injured. There are also many complex areas of the no-fault laws that can complicate claims. Attorneys can help to sort through these laws after you have been in an accident. Being represented by a no fault accident lawyer has several advantages.

Navigate No Fault Laws

Although the no-fault laws were supposed to make things simpler, they have actually created new and complex challenges for accident victims. Understanding the subtleties of the law and some of the legal guidelines can be confusing. A no fault accident lawyer already understands these laws and any recent changes to the laws. The attorney can help you to easily navigate no fault laws. A lawyer can explain your exact rights and the options that you currently have. A good lawyer will be able to walk you through the entire process until your claim or lawsuit is settled.

Help To Prove You Have Sustained a Serious Injury

The no-fault laws categorize different types of injuries. A large number of injuries fall under the law so that your insurance company will provide you with compensation and benefits. There are situations, however, where your injuries or medical expenses fall outside of the no-fault law. These are called serious injuries. A car accident lawyer can help you to establish that you have sustained serious injuries. This can open up the option of suing for additional damages and compensation from the liable parties directly. Proving serious injuries is not easy and requires the expertise of the right no fault lawyer.

Assist With Insurance Claims and Benefits

Insurance companies are going to scrutinize every word of the claim that you file. Small errors on the paperwork could delay or derail the process. The insurer might deny your claim or demand further proof. A no fault accident lawyer will help you with your insurance claim and benefits. The attorney can make sure that your claim includes the right amount for future medical bills, lost wages, and other covered expenses. A lawyer will work hard to negotiate with insurers so that you receive the right benefits. An attorney could even work with you if an appeal is necessary. An experienced no fault attorney will be your advocate when dealing with insurance companies.

Seek Compensation from Third Parties

If you have been in a serious accident, then an attorney could help you to seek compensation from third parties. Third parties are people or companies that could be liable for all or part of the accident but that do not fall under no-fault laws. A third party could be a manufacturer that produced defective car parts leading to the accident. Liability and personal injury claims can be made directly against third parties. Choosing the right no fault accident lawyer will allow you to pursue these types of claims so that you can receive fair compensation from all parties.