No Fault Injury Attorney

No fault laws were put into place in order to reduce the number of lawsuits filed every year. They were also supposed to make getting compensation from insurance companies easier. The reality is that they are complex and do not always work in your favor. This is why you might need the help of an attorney even with the no-fault laws in place. Finding a no-fault injury attorney after an accident is important for several reasons.

Establish the Seriousness of Your Injuries

One of the most important and potentially most complex things that must be done after an accident is establishing the seriousness of your injuries. Although your injuries might seem serious on the surface, they must still be explained to insurance companies and potentially judges in a way that meets the legal burdens in your state. A personal injury attorney can explain your injuries in a way that establishes how serious they really are. A lawyer knows what information to gather from doctors, specialists and others in order to show insurers or a judge that you need compensation for your medical expenses. An attorney will even work to see if you injuries exceed the threshold that will allow a separate liability lawsuit.

Ensure Fair Insurance Benefits Are Paid

Filing a no-fault claim for your injuries is not a simple process. Insurance companies are likely to argue small points in order to reduce the amount that you are paid. They might decide that some vital treatments are not necessary. A no-fault injury lawyer can help you to get fair benefits from the insurance company. They will negotiate with the insurer for all the expenses you have and will incur. An attorney can present clear evidence that your claim should be paid. An experienced lawyer can hold the insurance company accountable for the benefits that you deserve.

Help With Appeals

There are instances where an insurance company will simply deny your claim for reasons that might not be clear. Fortunately, there are different paths that you can take in order to appeal a denied claim. You want a skilled attorney representing you if an appeal is necessary. Appeals can be complicated and lengthy. A mistake on an appeal could remove your right to seek further compensation from the insurance company. A no-fault injury lawyer can make certain that the appeal is filed in a timely way with no mistakes that could lead to problems. They can also directly address the legal or factual issues that caused the original claim to be denied.

Pursue Liability Lawsuits When You Meet the Threshold

The seriousness of your injuries or the cost of your medical care and lost wages could be enough to put you above the threshold for filing a liability lawsuit. This means that you can seek fair compensation directly from the other parties involved in the accident. You need an injury lawyer if this occurs. The attorney will be prepared to negotiate and possibly litigate with these other parties. The lawyer can determine what fair compensation is for your injuries. An attorney will represent you aggressively in court and other hearings. You need to choose the right no fault injury attorney after you have been in an accident so that you can exercise all of your rights.