Truck Accident Lawyer in New York

Truck accidents often result in critical injuries because of the dynamics of the large vehicles. Regulations and other factors make truck accidents more complicated than typical auto accidents. This can make it hard to seek fair compensation for any injuries the accident caused. You should understand some of the complexities of personal injury claims resulting from truck accidents.

Why Truck Accidents Are Different

Truck accidents are very different from car accidents. One reason is that trucks are larger and heavier. They tend to cause far more damage and extremely serious personal injuries when an accident occurs. They are also different because truck drivers have more responsibilities than average car drivers do. They need to be exceptionally cautious and keep logs while on the road. Finally, there are many different local and federal laws governing truck drivers. These differences can complicate any claims made after an accident.

Establishing the Cause of the Accident

It can take serious investigative work in order to establish the cause of the truck accident. The accident could have been caused by an intoxicated or fatigued driver. It could have been caused by illegal or irresponsible policies of the trucking company. The truck itself could have contained defective parts. Other drivers on the road could have been negligent. Many different things can contribute to a truck accident. A truck accident lawyer will know how to investigate every aspect of the accident to find all liable parties.

Pursuing a Claim after a Truck Accident

Anyone who was injured in a truck accident can file a civil claim against all of the people and companies that were responsible. It is usually best to speak to a truck accident lawyer so that you can pursue all of the liable parties. It is important to file a claim quickly after the truck accident since waiting too long could allow evidence to vanish. You also have just a limited amount of time to file a claim. Your claim could result in the liable parties compensating you financially for your injuries and losses.

Compensation for Injuries and Losses

You are entitled to fair compensation for your injuries and losses if one or more parties are found to be liable for the truck accident. You could receive money for your medical expenses, future rehabilitative treatments and necessary medical equipment. You might be able to collect for pain and suffering if the driver was negligent. A truck accident lawyer could prove that you lost income and need compensation until you have recovered and can work again.

The Importance of Representation

Truck accidents can be incredibly complex. You will want to find the right truck accident lawyer in order to represent you and present your case. An attorney can handle the complexities of gathering evidence, establishing liability and talking to insurance companies while you are recovering from your injuries. Your lawyer can represent you in pre-trial negotiations and can litigate your case in court. A lawyer will protect you against frivolous legal threats. You should always have an experienced attorney representing your interests when pursuing a personal injury claim after a truck accident.