When an Attorney Can Help in Your Car Accident Case

When you are hit because of the negligence of another driver, your life changes forever. You can never erase the event or get back to your former quality of life. You are left to pick up the pieces. A typical motor vehicle accident can create many questions in the minds of motor vehicle accident victims. Who should be held responsible? Who pays for your medical bills? How can you recover your lost wages? You can work with an experienced personal injury lawyer to understand the confusing world of insurance companies and settlements for accident-related injuries. It’s even more daunting to think about taking your case to trial.

You will probably choose to hire a legal expert who works on a contingency-fee basis. This kind of attorney will only receive payment if your claim is successfully completed. Otherwise, there is little incentive for you to pursue such a claim alone, especially with serious injuries. y when significant injuries are involved.

Knowing the Law

When you hire a personal injury attorney to represent your rights after a devastating accident, you get expertise on your side. This person knows how the courts work and the applications of laws and procedural rules, which could affect your case. Attorneys also advise of the applicable statutes of limitation in your state, or how much time you have to pursue a claim against the negligent driver. In some states, it could be two years, and others it could be four. You need to know exactly how much time is allowed. There are exceptions to the rules in every state.

It takes a licensed attorney to file the lawsuit for your case. This could include countering any defenses that the at-fault company makes. As your case moves along, your attorney helps you understand the legal system and prepares the case for trial. Most cases settle out of court. Having the threat of a lawsuit is an incentive for the at-fault’s insurance company to settle.

What’s most important in this situation is that you get to level the playing field with the insurance companies. Placing a lawyer on your side means that you will not be entirely overpowered by the insurer’s greater resources.

Let the Experts Handle the Details of Your Case

A personal injury case does not settle overnight. Many work tasks will factor into preparing your case for a settlement or a jury trial. Once you were injured, you were not prepared to undertake all of this work yourself. An attorney and his or her staff will do it for you and usually with more efficiency because they handle multiple cases at once.

If this is your first time making a personal injury claim, remember that personal injury lawyers have handled different types of claims and represented victims against various insurance companies. They know how to gather evidence, everything from witness reports to traffic reports and all of your medical records. They get expert testimony and document your lost wages.

An attorney also specializes in writing a settlement demand letter, which summarizes your claim and requests a particular dollar amount to settle the claim. If your case does not settle, you could go through a lengthy court case. This gets expensive for both sides. With a professional working on your behalf, you get to focus on your recovery and rebuild your life.

Trust an Attorney

Your rights are important. If you don’t have a legal advocate, no one is looking out for your best interests. If you choose to represent yourself, you could make mistakes and affect the value of your claim. Trust your attorney to speak on your behalf in front of a judge and to ensure that your account from the accident and its effects on your life are heard by the jury of your peers. Choose an experienced legal advocate to ensure your case’s just resolution, especially if your injuries are permanent.